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storm 22 °C

After a very long day of driving (breakfast in Czech Republic, lunch in Bratislava we were on our way to Hungary for dinner). Budapest has been one of our favourite destinations. We arrived and went straight to Gellet hill for an amazing view of the city. Then after a quick change we had a massive thunderstorm but our dinner cruise along the Danube certainly impressed. The view of the Hungarian parliament all lit up was magical. The food was ok as well.
We were up early for a city tour and we saw an amazing church overlooking the parliament (I think it was st mathias) and then on to Heros' square.
After we got off the bus we went and saw the shoes on the Danube which represent the Jewish people who were shot into the Danube in 1944-45
We then went to the parliament and saw the guards do some amazing presentation.
We were hoping to fit in a visit to house of terror but due to the thunderstorms a lot of buildings still didn't have power restored and unfortunately that was one of them.
So alas we had to settle for some shopping.

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With a stop at Nurnberg along the way

30 °C

We left Munich this morning and our first stop along the way was Nurnberg. This little town is famous for gingerbread, and was quite special. It is also famous for its Christmas markets (which were replaced by a produce market in summer). This town was a hidden gem of a town which we really loved, especially its quaint little bridges.
We then got back on the bus to head to Prague, Czech Republic.
After checking into our hotel and having a buffet dinner we took a night time city walking tour and historical tram ride through Prague. The highlight was walking over the Charles Bridge.
In the morning we had a city tour of Prague castle, Wenceslas cathedral, and of course the astronomical clock. We stopped for a quick bite (local goulash in bread bowl) and then took in the Lennon remembrance wall and then the funicular to the top of the hill overlooking Prague. From there we walked up the Petron tower (pragues Eiffel Tower) and the views from there were absolutely breathtaking. As we were walking down the mountain we could see the sky getting darker and darker and ended up absolutely drenched before we got back to the meeting point - but at least we got to see everything we set out to see in the day.

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Day 4 & 5

sunny 35 °C

We arrived in Munich by train from Frankfurt. The highest speed we noticed the train going was 292km.
We caught a cab to our hotel as it's quite a bit from town. Once we were checked in we worked out where the nearest train station was and made our way to Marienplatz station. When we came above ground we saw the glockenspiel town hall which was incredible, and the characters put on show at 11am 12 noon and 5pm.
We again sampled some local cuisine for dinner (roast pork and potato dumplings). And caught the train back to our hotel.
We got up early the second morning to visit the BMW welt which was pretty impressive and even had the car in it that Tom cruise wrecked in the latest, instalment of Mission Impossible.
Next we walked across to the Olympic stadium and took the elevator in the tower up 185 metres to an amazing look out - then up the stairs to the higher lookouts for a glass free view. It was very impressive. after that we went to visit the local soccer stadium as there is a huge game there tonight.
We also went and booked a day trip to neuschwanstein castle for after our tour ends when we get back to Munich.
Our tour group met up at 4 which then took us back into the city where we discovered the HofbrÀuhaus (largest beer hall around) but as we were pushed for time decided we would come back here when our tour ends. Instead we found another German pub to eat at, where we tried a noodle/cheese dish unlike anything I've tried in Australia (topped with caramelised onion - was yum.
Now we're back at hotel about to watch the game - readying ourselves for our new adventures and next destination tomorrow.

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Heidelberg (day 3)

Day trip

sunny 32 °C

Today we had arranged a day trip to Heidelberg. A town saved from bombing in the war. This city is also very famous for its university. Many Nobel prizes have been associated with this university. The is a huge focus on education and research in Germany and I really think our government could learn a lot from the way this country is run.
The castle that overlooks the town is also very spectacular. We were however advised that many pickpockets are also fond of this town and we were advised to wear our packs on our front.
It was interesting seeing just how fast the traffic went on the autobahn. Cars were out of sight in no time.

We got back to Frankfurt late afternoon and found a laundromat to clean our "airplane clothes" and even in the laundromat the attendant spoke almost perfect English. His story was quite interesting as well, growing up playing a lot of soccer, only to get many injuries he couldn't continue but now sees people he used to play against earning as much money in one game as he would in a year. His attitude was still very lovely.
We googled a traditional German restaurant for dinner tonight and ordered what is considered popular with the locals (schnitzel with mushroom sauce) and it was amazing.

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Day 1 & 2

sunny 32 °C

Day 1, when we arrived at our hotel at 7am it was lovely that 1) our room was available for early checkin and 2) we were offered an upgrade. This holiday is off to an amazing start. As hoped the sun came out, which is a warm relief from Melbourne's winter. We walked to the bull and bear, saw plenty of shops and some of the greatest buildings as well.
Frankfurt has more to offer yet, so we will still be in search of more amazing sites tomorrow.
We dined at a restaurant called panino, I had an amazing baked gnocchi - and hubby went for a more traditional schnitzel.
Day 2 after a lovely breakfast at the hotel we set off in search of Romer city hall. We took a lovely walk along the river with many cyclists and walkers before we discovered the buildings. All the city postcards and souvenirs are based on these buildings. We spent quite some time looking at them. I'm sure Christmas markets must be held in this sq as I do recall seeing images of these buildings.
we did a lot of walking today so was an early retirement back to hotel to prepare for our trip to Heidelberg tomorrow.
Have added pictures to the album and hope you can view them.

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