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One of most amazing places I've visited

22 °C

It was really lovely to have a guide point out parts of the sound of music to know they didn't actually all happen really close to each other. The old town itself was really neat as well. The labelling of all the stores haas to fit within a code even McDonald's had to conform.
We also went and visits the Eagles nest which was a 50th birthday present to hitler. It was high up in the alps and we got to take the long tunnel in which was as long as the brass elevator we then had to take up was high. The breathtaking views were incredible.

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Better than I remembered

overcast 19 °C

As we had seen Vienna in 2013 we decided to do our own thing (a coffee and cake crawl) we got to visit some fabulous establishments first stop was the landtmann, we weren't sure if we would be let in wearing jeans it looked that fancy but it wasn't over priced and we had a lovely apple strudel with our coffee. Next stop was Demel which is well known for chocolate so we had a hot chocolate the with apricot strudel. We then went and did some shopping at Swarovski since it is famous in Austria and then more sightseeing before stopping at a bookshop cafe for our next coffee and then we topped it of with ice cream and fruit at bertolotti (I think) they called our dish the fruit pizza. Then we went to visit the coloured houses. Will try to upload some pictures later.
Today we head off to Salzburg

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